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JETT Networks Fiber Optics Solutions


Surface Micro Cable Inlay is revolutionizing fiber optic installation by eliminating excavation and allowing rapid, low cost cable placement in sidewalks, roadways, parking lots or a soft surface with minimal disruption to surroundings both commercially and environmentally.

Surface micro cable inlay installation involves placing a specially designed fiber optic cable in a narrow groove cut in the road, sidewalk, parking lot or soft surface. The JETT SMCI system can be installed quickly up to 1km per day. All JETT SMCI cables are fully compatible with existing network access points, premises hardware and field termination methods. The JETT SMCI system ensures long term reliability, reduced costs and network design flexibility.

Cost Savings

The JETT SMCI system is faster and less expensive then traditional trenching installations and more reliable and secure then comparable surface inlay methods. Cost savings of up to 80% are possible with our system.


The MCS Road cable's unique design offers high fiber density, while maintaining a small diameter 7-9.5mm. The cable is comprised of a robust central copper tube containing bundles of 12 single mode or multi-mode optical fibers. Cables are filled with thixotropic gel to prevent the ingress of water and are covered with a polyethylene sheath for identification and corrosion resistance. A 60-fiber cable has an outer diameter of just 7mm while a 144-fiber cable is only 9.5mm. The MCS road cable offers excellent crush resistance, far superior to that of a conventional cable. This impressive crush resistance is provided by the inherent strength of the central copper tube.


The JETT SMCI system is completely compatible with traditional fiber optic hardware and enclosures. Seem less expansion and integration with existing networks is easily accomplished. SMCI is perfectly suited for laterals, drops and backbone applications. JETT SMCI systems are craft friendly and well suited for field termination and splicing.